We have an extraordinary eye and sensibility. Many of our students who became top competitors, we identified the first time we observed them fencing, talked to them, saw them, or crossed blades.  


Every student has accomplished what we projected early in their development or greater, and their development has always taken place using a very methodical, analytical, well-planned approach.  Always viewing fencing from very scientific, analytic, experimental, and creative perspectives, has allowed us to innovate, resulting in becoming influential in the evolution of the sport, worldwide.  We've also had many coaches who have approached us to share aspects of our perspective, with each very excited to share the news of their results.


Having trained with a few masters considered legends for developing many of the greatest fencers ofall time, our head coach, Al Carter, has become highly regarded for students' accomplishments. Here are just a few of several aspects that set us apart from every other club in the world. 

Xcel Fencing is considered the United States authority on the methodology of the most accomplished foil fencing master in history, Maestro Livio DiRosa.   Although it has been decades since Maestro DiRosa has been with us, still no other coach has achieved half of his legacy.  He developed virtually the entire Italian Olympic Foil Team for two decades, as well as every coach in his lineage being respected as one of the most innovative, extraordinary and often sought out coaches in the world.   


Having colleagues from around the world, we have yet to see anyone who has been able match our twenty year history of consistently creating fencers who have become top in the city & state in just one year, and top in the nation in one to two years - with several of our most competitive students becoming medalists at their first or second national or international events.

We are now limiting our number of students to try and ensure, we have the best suited student / parent / coach team and chemistry possible.  We look at development as a long term endeavor, and strive to make it an optimal enjoyable experience or everyone.  We aim to create our 'dream team'.


Shortly after beginning, we realized we had discovered what we would later consider our 'formula for success'. In looking at the results of our first competitors after 2 years of training - 1 had become a national champion, while 2 others were national medalists.  In analyzing their success, we identified the common threads in their individualized approach, and continued to apply the same systematic approach resulting in a consistent outcome over the next 2 decades.  In 20 years, every single one of our most competitive national and international students were those who believed in what we had to offer and followed our suggested guidance the closest.