Is fencing safe? 


Research has shown that modern fencing is one of the safest sports, and has far fewer and far less severe injuries than basketball, baseball, football and soccer.  Fencers wear state of the art protective gear, and do not aggressively push or collide into each other.  The points are not sharp.  They have rubber, or flat / rounded tips, and feel similar to a finger tip when you are touched.  


Fencers also focus on maintaining a distance greater than 6 feet, so it is fairly well suited for social distancing, if necessary.   

What do I need for training? 


Sweats / warm up pants (not jeans or casual pants), tennis shoes, a t-shirt, and water.  You may also want to bring a sports bar or light, healthy snack, towel, sweatshirt, and an extra t-shirt (to change into afterwards).  Students should have a sweatshirt or jacket to put on after practice 

Do I need equipment? 

Yes.  To be safe, (due to Covid-19) beginners will need to purchase their own starter kit.  

What is a good age to begin? 

We encourage students to begin between ages 7 to 10.  

What does training cost?  


Please contact us, and we can schedule a time to evaluate your child and help you determine a training approach best suited for their needs.

When can I start?  

We offer sessions on a year round basis, but we do limit the number of students to try and ensure we connect with students who will be with us for their long term success. Please click here to set up your intro class.