Al Carter began fencing while a high school student in Los Angeles, CA. Approximately two and a half years later, he was a member of his first World Team, and an International Silver Medalist.  One year later, he earned an International Champion Title.  Al continued to represent the U.S. in World Competition over the next seven years, before graduating from the University of Pennsylvania.  


After a seven year break, he began coaching. The following year, he returned to competition, once again achieving Top National & International results, while students consistently became top in the nation, as well.  Throughout his competitive career, he trained extensively in Italy under the unique perspective and guidance of Maestro Livio DiRosa.  Maestro DiRosa is recognized as the most accomplished foil fencing master in fencing history.  Although decades have passed, since he has been with us, his numerous legendary students Olympic & World Champion accomplishments still remain a list twice as extensive as anyone since. His legacy of disciple fencing masters worldwide, have become acknowledged and sought by many other highly competitive fencing nations. Al developed his system by fusing what he acquired under Maestro DiRosa with his own unique, creative perspective.

Al was the first US foil fencer with the ability to become a finalist at every international event he entered, inspiring and paving the way for our current US fencers (who've become #1 world ranked). During both phases of his competitive career, he was ranked among the top in the world; a member of 7 World Teams, and helped the U.S Team secure it’s Top World Ranking, (4th Place), in 2006.  In addition, he earned 4 National Titles, a Pan-American Games Silver Medal, and All-American & All-Ivy League recognition.  


Since the early 2000's, the U.S. has become known for developing many of the top fencers in the world; Coach Carter is honored to be recognized as one of the greatest coaches in U.S. Fencing History by the Museum of American Fencing.