Xcel Fencing was founded by our Director of Programs, Al Carter, in San Francisco, CA in 2009.  Al Carter began developing The Xcel Training System in Los Angeles in 1999.  By 2001, one of his first students was a National Champion, while two others were National Medalists (one earning the highest National Rating, “A”, in only 18 months).  Since 2001, students’ rate and magnitude of success has increased.  

Fencing (swordplay) is a facet of the Martial Arts.  Not only do students gain the physical benefits, enhanced focus, and self-discipline of being involved in a Martial Art, we mentor students (as does the Martial Arts Master), guiding each student to realize the countless parallels between fencing and life.  Many students attain university admissions and earn scholarships at recognized universities throughout the country.

CARTER v MULHOLLAND _ North American Cup

Xcel Fencing is an ideal place to introduce your child to youth sports, and a great place for an absolute beginner fencing introduction.  We provide a nurturing and supportive club atmosphere where kids can be a part of a very unique, positive experience, while enjoying a sport that has so much to offer in terms of personal development.  As students learn to fence, they not only have a great deal of enjoyment, but also experience tremendous personal growth.  


Although students become very successful fencers, we believe that success in fencing is secondary to success in life.  Through fencing and mentoring, we work to help students develop life skills.  We've been very pleased to see how students apply their lessons learned - in the world, achieving above average success in their endeavors.  We are extremely proud of our alumni who've embarked upon their career paths, and made significant contributions to society. 

Beyond the sport, students have pursued the spectrum of career paths ranging from Technology to Finance to the United Nations to 

Neuroscience.  Through each student's fencing 

development, we strive to be an extraordinary 

vehicle for them to learn to navigate through life, and are very proud of the incredible people they become as they make positive impacts in the world.